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Barbara Fintel Collins

is co-founder of Dining for Women, the largest global giving circle movement dedicated to advancing gender equality and well-being for women and girls around the world. With 470 chapters (and growing) throughout the United States, DFW has educated more than 32,000 global citizens. Together, small gifts have amassed into $7 million in grants to organizations in 60 countries. These grants have directly impacted the lives of 250,000 women and girls, and have created a powerful ripple effect into the lives of one million people in their families and communities.

She believes in creating transformational social change by engaging in DFW’s simple model that nurtures community, democratizes philanthropy, and multiplies the power of an individual. Under her leadership, Dining for Women has initiated partnerships with the Peace Corps, UNICEF, OXFAM, and Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn Initiative. In 2014, Barb was named an Everyday Freedom Hero by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in gerontology, Barb has devoted her career to the nonprofit sector. She and her husband Greg have two grown daughters, and live in Greenville, South Carolina with their gentle husky and feisty cat.


is a global giving circle dedicated to transforming lives and eradicating poverty among women and girls in the developing world. Through member education and engagement, as well as the power of collective giving, Dining for Women funds grassroots organizations that empower women and girls and promote gender equity.