Dr. Norman D. Fintel (1925–2017)

spent a lifetime planting and nourishing seeds of the soul. Raised on a farm in Nebraska and immersed in a strong German Lutheran heritage, he had parents who nurtured intellectual curiosity, deep faith, and a hard-work ethic along with a wide-open approach to life.

He devoted his life to quietly, methodically developing leadership potential within individuals and organizations. And while his calling of shaping the minds and hearts of our next generation led to the presidency at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, his truest gift was seeing the good in people before they saw it themselves.

Norm’s vision is of a world of peace, one where people take care of all people.

Roanoke College

is an independent, co-educational, 4-year liberal arts college in Salem, Virginia. Founded in 1842, it is the second-oldest Lutheran-related college in America. The college seeks and welcomes students of all races, creeds, nationalities, and ethnic origins.


Wartburg College

is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning.

Wartburg College helps students discover and claim their callings—connecting their learning with faith and values, their understanding of themselves and their gifts, their perspective on life and the future, and the opportunities for participating in church, community, and the larger society in purposeful and meaningful ways.